A blast from the past

After commenting on a couple of blogs recently,  it got me thinking…should I give it “another go”?

I decided to re-visit the “Old Mr Airmiles” blog I had started back in 2011, and try to bring it back to life  once more. Somehow I managed to Delete it! 24hr later I still don’t know how, by hey, life goes on!

Sadly I lost the posts and comments but luckily I had kept the original articles on file. There weren’t many – just 6 or 7.

To celebrate “my return” I re-posted some of those original ramblings, firstly posted back in 2011. I remember these 3 being quite popular at the time:

These refer to specific moments/situations back then – for those who knew me at the time it totally made (and hopefully still makes) sense. Time as moved on, and so have I – older and slightly wiser (or so I think) 🙂

What will I blog about now? Time will tell…

Hope you enjoy my return to blogging.